Attachable Hoodie

Hoodies might not be as big as they used to be, but they still add a little extra something to your outfit. Fashion aside, they’re also pretty functional and can come in pretty handy when it’s raining or when it’s particularly hot outside. They’re not exactly the most formal of clothes, so you probably won’t be able to wear them at the office without getting a memo.

So here’s an alternative: the Lonehood. It’s basically¬†an attachable hood by StyleUno that lets you turn any collared shirt into a hoodie.

Attachable Hoodie1

Attachable Hoodie2


The Lonehood can be attached within seconds, either on the inside or outside of the collar. Its bottom string lets the wearer adjust the hood for comfort, and a clip at the front even lets you wear it with any type of clothing (even those without a collar) if you’re not afraid to make a fashion statement.

It retails for $25.

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