LOOKER 25 Glass Bottom Speed Boat (Images courtesy PARITETBOAT)By Andrew Liszewski

Scuba diving isn’t for everyone but for those who want to stay above the water and still check out what’s going on below a glass bottom boat is a great compromise. PARITETBOAT has a whole line of glass bottom equipped boats that are also capable of reaching speeds of up to 40 knots. While going that fast isn’t exactly ideal for underwater observations it’s great for tour companies who quickly want to get their guests out to an ideal viewing location.

The boats come in a variety of sizes and while the LOOKER 25 is considered mid-range seating about 6 observers the largest craft, the LOOKER 35 can seat over twice that. The underwater viewing window is shaped as an optically regular spheroid and measures 2×3 meters in size which is apparently the biggest in the world. It’s made of modified acrylic with a thickness of 15mm and anyone worried about it cracking should be relieved to know it’s actually more solid than the boat’s fiberglass hull.

The LOOKER series of glass bottom boats are primarily aimed at hotels or other tourist-related companies in parts of the world where scuba diving has become popular. But there’s nothing stopping you from ordering one for the cottage and checking out what secrets lie at the bottom of the local lake.



  1. Best thing they ever invented. This is great for people who either are afraid of water or can’t swim or don’t wanna go through the hassles of actual scuba diving. I love the display window.