Looking Rave-a-licious With One-Way Lighting GloSpex Shades


By David Ponce

So you get to the party and want to get noticed. Right? What better way than to be donning a pair of shades that light up? But of course, it would be annoying if the light would shine in your own eyes; no one wants that. But the GloSpex are different. The company’s developed a way for the entire lens area to light up and project the light only forward, leaving you to see clearly as if there was no light at all. They do this by trapping said light in clear plastic, using a principle called total internal reflection. The light is then bounced off of some light diffusing pixels which have a reflective backing, allowing for not only one way light emission, but for the display of images or logos. Think of this as the evolution of those light-up T-Shirts you’ve undoubtedly seen at clubs.

The best part is they’re only $20 for a set, if you pre-order right now on the Kickstarter page. They’re going to get funded as they’re at 50% of the $10,000 goal within a couple hours of re-launching. So go ahead and get yours now.

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