Mad Catz Eclipse Wireless litetouch Keyboard (Image courtesy Mad Catz)
By Andrew Liszewski

First shown at CES 2010 earlier this year (it’s amazing how much you still miss even after wandering the show for 3 days) the Mad Catz wireless litetouch keyboard, which is being sold under the company’s Eclipse brand, is now available with an official MSRP of $129.99. The 2.4GHz wireless keyboard features a touch sensitive panel on the right where you’d normally find the numerical keys, but don’t worry, the numerical keypad is still there, it just appears on the LCD instead. The display can also be toggled between a layout of media playback buttons, or a ‘MyEclipse’ mode with 12 customizable icons that can be used to access oft-visited websites and/or applications.

Just below the touch panel is an integrated trackball with left and right mouse buttons, allowing the keyboard to be used for surfing while splayed out on the couch, or with an HTPC, and the rest of the keys feature a low profile backlight allowing them to also be seen in the dark with minimal drain on the battery. And speaking of the battery, the Eclipse wireless litetouch features an internal rechargeable lithium-ion power source that’s good for about 20 hours of use between charges. Not amazing battery life, but understandable given the keyboard’s fancy LCD panel.

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