Grody Toilet Restaurant

The Magic Restroom Cafe is open for business, but the food and theme is anything but magical–unless, of course, you’re enchanted with visions of toilets, bathroom tiles, and poop-themed food and drinks. We’ve seen our fair share of strange eateries (remember the Hospitalis Restaurant in Latvia?), but I still find myself at a loss as to why people come up with such bizarre decors and concoctions.

The cafe is inspired by the Modern Toilet restaurant in Taipei, which, as you can probably already guess from its name, features a toilet-centric theme as well. Diners are seated on toilets (in case you’re wondering, no, they aren’t functioning), where the toilet cover functions as the backrest.

Grody Toilet Restaurant1

Grody Toilet Restaurant2

Grody Toilet Restaurant3

If you’re uncomfortable with the feeling of sitting in an open toilet for the duration of the meal, then you can opt to close it–but then, there goes your backrest.

Patrons…sit on (non-functioning) toilets to eat a variety of Taiwanese-style dishes named after poopy things. Eater LA also reports that a lot of the food (which has gross names like “‘black poop’ (chocolate sundae), ‘smells-like-poop’ (braised pork over rice), ‘constipation’ (zha jiang mian),” and “‘bloody number two’ (vanilla-strawberry sundae)”) is served in little ceramic toilet bowls.

The Magic Restroom Cafe is located in Los Angeles county.

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