As a man, peeing while sitting is probably the most sensible option. You avoid sprinkling droplets all over the floor (inevitable). And you avoid leaving the toilet seat up, only to have your significant other yell at you (also inevitable). But of course, you won’t pee sitting down, so what’s a guy to do? Well, there’s this funny looking contraption here called the MainDrain. It’s a plastic urinal that simply attaches to the side of a standard toilet bowl, and routes your urine safely where it needs to go. Yes, it’s ugly as sin, but think of the advantages: you can leave the toilet seat down at all times since it’s possible to sit without having to move the MainDrain, and you won’t have to clean the toilet seat or floor as often. It’s easy to clean, is installed and removed in seconds, is made from lightweight, high quality, hydrophobic materials, and the height can be adjusted. All in all, it’s a great product, but we imagine its appearance will deter many people from getting it. At $45 however, it’s priced just right for the right kind of people: we’re thinking college students in a dorm, roommates, etc. You know, somewhere where appearances don’t matter.

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