A burger is a burger until it gets stuffed with some surprise or other: then it’s a ‘Better Burger’. We’re thinking cheese, bacon, cheesy bacon, or bacony cheese. Whatever your flavor of cheesy bacon stuffing, the Sur La Table® Stuff-A-Burger™ Press will help you form your patties with much less effort that if you were to go about it with your bare hands. It features special presses that help create a space for your stuffings, and make it a breeze to encapsulate them. “It offers two stuffed-burger sizes: a mammoth ¾-pound burger or, using the insert, a substantial ½ pounder.” And that could just be the best $13 you’ve spent for the upcoming BBQ season.

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  1. I own one and it is great but makes a very large burger – my wife eats 1/2 and has the other 1/2 for lunch. We’ve tried cheese, salsa, BBQ sauce and all are great. Flavor permeates the burger and keeps it moist. Pretty good product.