Marmeled Jelly Lamps (Image courtesy JellyLamp)
By Andrew Liszewski

They might look delicious, but these Marmeled Jelly lamps are not for eating, at least so says this warning on the JellyLamps website. When placed right side up the lamps are supposed to look like a jar of delicious preserves, but given the bright colors available they look more like a jar of hair gel. But either way, their true purpose is revealed when you flip them upside down which causes an LED light on the lid to switch on, casting a soft colored glow.

Marmeled Jelly Lamps (Images courtesy JellyLamp)

Each jar is powered by 2xAAA batteries which is good for about 50 hours of illumination, and they run ~$48 (€35) each from the JellyShop online store, with free shipping if you happen to live in Italy.

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