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Matias Optimizer Keyboard Probably Won’t Improve Your Editing Skills

Matias Optimizer Keyboard Probably Won’t Improve Your Editing Skills


By Chris Scott Barr

I don’t work with a lot of spreadsheets or anything, so I can’t vouch for how much time is wasted by moving your hands all over the keyboard to get to the arrow keys. However, for those of you that spend most of your workday doing just this, you might be interested in the Matias Optimizer Keyboard, which claims to increase spreadsheet navigation by 22%, among other things.

The keyboard supposedly achieves this with the use of an “Optimize” button where the Caps Lock usually is. It turns things like your Number Lock key into a Tab button, and others into Page Up, Page Down, etc. As I said, none of this is a big deal to me. That’s why they’ve also targeted writers with some other interesting keys. Hold down that same Optimize button and you get 5 dedicated Cut, Copy and Paste keys. Honestly, that sounds a bit silly. If you’re a writer, you damn well better know where your X, C, and V keys are.

Oh, and if you want to erase words faster, you can hold down Optimize and hit Backspace. Re-learning that will be far easier than just holding Ctrl and pressing Backspace. Seriously, unless those spreadsheet functions are appealing, this thing seems like a complete waste of money. It only seems to make really simple tasks marginally more difficult by forcing you to re-learn how to do things. Oh, and good luck trying to get things done on a normal keyboard after you’ve been using this thing for a few months. Learn the basic shortcuts and save yourself $90.

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