So we’ve all heard about HDMI cables that are triple-super coated in platinum ox blood, claiming to magically boost your picture quality while costing upwards of $1,000 to do so. Despite the hilarious amazon review for an HDMI cable that costs as much as a powerful computer, these claims have been tested and those cables are nothing more than modern snake oil. But the mCable is special, it’s an HDMI cable with bold claims, but it has a lot of tech backing that up.

Essentially, the mCable has a chip built into the plug connector which performs anti-aliasing on the signal before it reaches the TV. By performing anti-aliasing on the signal, jagged lines of pixels are softened, making the picture look higher quality. The same function is already used on modern graphics cards in computers, but consoles like the Xbox One, don’t do much anti-aliasing, so the cable could very well improve its quality.

One website, PC Perspective, did an in-depth review of the claims and showed just how effective the cable was, and how it stacked up against traditional graphics card anti-aliasing. The screenshots they list, show an improved picture with much softer jagged lines.

And while the cable might not be worth the investment for a PC gamer with a spec’d out rig, for someone wanting the best picture for their PlayStation or Xbox setup, $120 might not be such a terrible investment.

The mCable is available now for $120 for a 3 foot cable.

Marseille ] VIA [ PC Perspective ]