Med-eMonitor (Image courtesy InforMedix)By Andrew Liszewski

It’s pretty much a given that as you grow older you’re going to gain a regiment of pills that need to be taken every day. At the same time though your memory might not be as sharp as it used to be so it’s not surprising to see all these gadgets aimed at helping you remember to take your medication. The Med-eMonitor is yet another portable device that does just that but can also be remotely programmed and monitored by a physician or other caregiver.

When it’s time to take your meds the Med-eMonitor will sound a chime and using a large LCD display it will indicate what specific pill you’re supposed to take. The unit itself can hold up to 5 different pills but can reference 20 additional varieties stored in external pill containers. It will then keep track of your pill consumption and will report this information online thanks to a docking/recharging cradle that’s connected to a phone line. This online functionality is what also allows the Med-eMonitor to be setup or modified remotely and can even allow a caregiver to ask a series of questions after a pill has been taken in regards to possible side-effects or general effectiveness.

The Med-eMonitors should be available in the next couple of weeks and will actually be provided via a subscription service for about $60/month.

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