Cooper Ghostbusters Costume

Remember Cooper, the adorable kid who shot to fame after word of how his amazing parents built him a DeLorean for Halloween spread like wildfire on the Internet? Well, he’s back again with another awesome costume and push car mod care of his parents, Jeremy and Cory Smith.

Whereas they just went with an idea for last year’s DeLorean, they put in a lot more thought on this year’s costume as they held a brainstorming session before working on it, which saw Cooper’s trusty push car transformed into the Ecto-1. It’s hard to believe they managed to pull everything off by using materials like cardboard boxes, take-out salsa cups, and soda bottles for the car.

Cooper Ghostbusters Costume1

Cooper Ghostbusters Costume2

As for his outfit, parts of Cooper’s Ghostbusters costume was custom made by Etsy seller JezebelRose, who made the felt Proton Pack and Ghost Trap for additional props.

The result is nothing short of awesome. You can check out more images of Cooper’s costume and his awesome Ecto-1 push car here.