By Chris Scott Barr

With Windows 7 coming out next month, we’re hearing more and more news about the upcoming OS from Microsoft. Two rather important pieces of info have just been announced. First, we now know that netbook manufacturers will not be required to use the scaled-down ‘Starter’ edition. They will in fact be allowed to install any version that they like. Windows 7 Starter has a few drawbacks such as it will only be available in 32-bit and will be missing Aero Glass, Taskbar Previews and Aero Peek.

The second piece of news is also regarding the Starter Edition. Microsoft had originally stated that this most basic of versions would restrict the number of applications you could have running. In fact, not being able to run more than three programs simultaneously was one of the biggest concerns about this particular version. Well rejoice future Starter Edition owners! Microsoft has officially lifted this restriction, allowing you to run as many applications as your computer can handle.

[ Microsoft ] VIA [ TG Daily ]