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Microsoft is really pulling out all of the stops for this holiday season. First, they dropped the price on all Xbox 360 SKU’s a few months back, and now they’re planning on sweetening the deal. Once the new 360’s hit stores later this month, you’ll be getting some free games. Who doesn’t like getting free games?

If you pick up the cheaper $199 Arcade, you’ll get 6 game, which include SEGA Superstars Tennis, Uno, and Pac-Man. Shell out a bit more for either the $299 Pro or $399 Elite version, and you’ll get a copy of Lego Indiana Jones and Kung Fu Panda. Also, all three SKUs will come with a trial subscription to Netflix. While this might seem out of the ordinary to some, starting next month you’ll be able to stream Netflix movies straight to your 360. Pretty sweet.