Microsoft Research’s TouchStudio Lets Windows Phone 7 Users Program Directly On Their Phone

TouchStudio (Images courtesy Microsoft Research)

TouchStudio (Images courtesy Microsoft Research)
By Andrew Liszewski

Harkening back to the good old days of the first personal computers when young’ns like yours truly would spend 3 hours entering endless lines of code just to spit out a fancy serif letter ‘S’ on his dot-matrix printer, Microsoft Research has just released a new coding app allowing Windows Phone 7 users to hack away directly on their phones. TouchStudio, which is now available as a beta version in the Zune marketplace, is “a fully functional development environment” according to Nikolai Tillmann who announced its availability on his blog.

At the moment though complete access to all of the phone’s functionality isn’t available from within the TouchStudio environment, but the developers have included several sample scripts showing off what it’s capable of in its current state, and have eluded that it will become considerably more capable in future versions of the app.

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