Microsoft Times Reader (Image courtesy Microsoft)By Andrew Liszewski

I’m still impressed at the number of printed newspapers still in existence given the ability of every other medium from radio to TV to the internet to deliver the news as it happens.

In an obvious attempt to remain as competitive as possible the New York Times along with Microsoft have developed the Times Reader, a PC based application for reading as well as distributing the daily news. Relying heavily on the new display technology in the upcoming Vista OS the text in the Times Reader will dynamically ‘re-flow’ as the font and window sizes are adjusted. As anyone who has worked in publishing knows the way text is laid out (rivers of white) is very important to its readability.

Other innovations include the ability to annotate and clip documents, a slide show of today’s newsworthy images that link to the individual stories and a locally stored seven-day archive.

The Times Reader should be available for download in the coming months.

[Microsoft Times Reader] VIA [Ars Technica]