Victorian LEGO House (Image courtesy Mike Doyle)
By Andrew Liszewski

Mike Doyle is a master LEGO builder. But instead of spaceships, sports cars or life-size reproductions of celebrities, he uses his bricks to construct detailed models of dilapidated victorian-era homes. In a study of life’s fragility, our focus on the material world, and how man’s creations are no match for the unrelenting approach of nature. His latest creation, Victorian on Mud, is built from 110 to 130,000 LEGO bricks and represents about 600 hours of labor. And is easily one of the most detailed LEGO creations I’ve ever seen.

Victorian LEGO House (Image courtesy Mike Doyle)

Besides the fact that Mike uses mostly monochromatic pieces to create a very spooky black and white photo effect. It’s the architectural accents, like ornate railings, window treatments and even damaged wood siding that particularly blow my mind. I mean check out the hundreds of little robot arms used to create the dead foliage on one of Mike’s previous run-down creations. It’s certainly a far cry from the multi-colored eyesores I built as a kid, that I’m sure brought property values way down in my LEGO cities.

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