If you want to explore the world beneath the surface of the water, your options are relatively limited. You either stay on the surface and snorkel around, maybe diving a little deeper for 30 seconds at a time while holding your breath. Or you have to get a full scuba gear, get some lessons, and go through an entire production in order to be able to leisurely explore deeper areas. But with the MiniDive Scuba Tank you can go up to 10 minutes underwater, to a depth of up to 3 meters while breathing normally. That’s deep enough to explore some coral reefs and take a closer look at some marine wildlife that would be just a bit too far for the casual snorkeler. The nice thing about the tank is that you can refill it yourself in 15 minutes with a special high pressure hand pump (like a bike pump). It’s been tested with all kinds of mandatory scuba diving standards and technically could go deeper than 3 meters, but since it’s marketed at non-divers, that’s the max depth you can go safely. It weighs all of 2.2kgs (4.8lbs), and comes with a special harness so you can have both your hands free as you dive. It’s $709 for the entire kit, including the high pressure hand pump.

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