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Minimalist Bladeless Fan Creates Vortex In Your Living Room

Minimalist Bladeless Fan Creates Vortex In Your Living Room

We’ll admit we’re not too sure of how this fan works, but from what we understand, you’re looking at a bladeless fan that will circulate the air in your room in a quieter and more efficient manner than traditional fans. It also looks kind of cool. The Exhale Fan features 9 spinning discs and a 6-speed DC motor; once up to speed the discs use “the science of laminar flow” to suck the air up from underneath and fling it to the sides. This effectively creates a vortex in your room and homogenizes the temperature throughout, which in turn should lead to lower energy bills as you won’t be overheating just to feel warm in that one faraway corner of the living room. Traditional fans simply push the air down below them, which is a less efficient way of doing things.

At least, that’s what we’re getting.

In the end, it’s a cool looking fan that is quieter, and more efficient. And for the privilege of owning it, you have to pledge $250 to the Indiegogo campaign. Should it reach its goal, you can expect yours in March 2013.

For a couple of demo videos and links, just hit the jump.

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