Naked 3D Tracker

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Something exciting is happening in the world of fitness. Anyone who is trying to reshape their body in some way, at some level, professional or amateur, is in for a surprise. Checking one’s progress toward fitness goals on the scale, with a tape measure, by looking in a mirror, or calculating body fat just became way easier. Welcome to the magic world of The Naked 3D Fitness Tracker.

The new fitness tracker device is a full-length smart mirror that provides feedback about your body like no other tracking device has ever done. According to The Tech Info Group, this high-tech mirror comes equipped with Intel RealSense Depth Sensors that take a 3-D scan of your body as it slowly turns around on the accompanying blue-tooth scale.
The scanning process takes about twenty seconds and creates visual results that include a heat map, body fat percentage, and a time lapse feature that shows changes over time. Imagine watching over the course of weeks or months as one’s body transformed into the vision that exists in the mind.

As anyone who has ever tried to lose fat and build muscle knows, a typical bathroom scale is sometimes frustrating because it doesn’t give an accurate picture of progress. Many people have difficulty staying motivated and often will give up because they can’t see results.

The manufacturers, Naked Labs, promise the device will be compatible with other fitness tracking systems and that the body-fat measurements are accurate to within 1.5%. Naked Labs also sees other applications for this apparatus, for example, clothes shopping. Imagine providing a 3-d body image with accurate measurements to a clothing designer to match with available apparel.

Although nothing is said at this point but the imagination can also see possibilities in the medical field for this type of device. People who have seen this device say it looks hot and contemporary. One might assume it is beyond affordable for average folks; however, it will go on the market sometime in early 2017 and will sell for $499.

Pretty reasonable for a magic mirror, yes?

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