Mobile Phone Telescope (Images courtesy
By Andrew Liszewski

While the quality of cameraphones has definitely improved over the years their relatively small form factor has left them pretty limited when it comes to zoom capabilites.

This ‘telescope’ lens now available from Brando can actually give your cameraphone up to 6x magnification with only a small bit of modification. You see in order to use the lens you need to replace the back housing on your phone with the special one included in the kit. Once attached it provides a mount with which you can easily attach and remove the lens depending on when you might need it.

Unfortunately since this lens does require the back of the phone to be replaced it seems only the Nokia 6230/6230i and the 6680 are currently supported. But if you happen to use one of those phones and think a 6x zoom would be useful you can pick one up at for $19.00.

[Mobile Phone Telescope] VIA [I4U News]


  1. Telescoop op je mobieltje…

    Voor de papparazo-in-spe is er een 6x analoge zoomlens voor de mobiele telefoon te krijgen. Om deze te bevestigen moet je wel een deel vast op mobiele telefoon hebben, momenteel komen alleen enkele Nokia’s met verwisselbare frontjes in aanmerking. Voo…