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Smartphones, social networking, and surfing – the three s have the potential to wreak havoc in your kid’s life. In fact, if you look closely enough, you’ll probably notice that quite a bit of damage has been done already. Researchers have studied the impact of mobile technology and the internet on kids, and mostly come across disturbing findings. Apparentlinks to depression, addiction, isolation, anxiety, low self-esteem, cyberbullying, and even suicide have been discovered.

The situation is perhaps even uglier than described. However, these pitfalls can be curbed to a large extent through contemporary safety tools such as Mobistealth. Loaded with robust features, the spy mobile phone app empowers you to keep your youngsters safe from all sorts of digital threats that they are otherwise vulnerable to in an unsupervised and uninhibited digital space. How does it manage to do that? Well, let’s find out.

Monitoring All Digital Communications
One of the biggest reasons behind kids’ obsession with smartphones and the internet is that it keeps them connected on the go. They love to interact with other kids, share pictures and videos, and basically remain socially active, even if only in the digital world. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it is only a matter of time before texting, social networking, and chat apps start influencing them negatively. They may find themselves getting subjected to cyber bullying, exposed to pornographic content, pulled towards drugs, approached by predators, or pushed into depression.
That sure is a bucket-load of problems, but Mobistealth helps you drain that bucket by giving you access to their mobile communications. We are talking complete mobile communication here, which includes:
– Call details
– WhatsApp
– iMessage
– Skype
– Viber
– Kik
– Email
It sure is one heck of a comprehensive monitoring scope. The idea behind covering such a wide range of communication channels is to ensure that you don’t let any of the aforementioned threats slip past you. To help you even further, Mobistealth lets you access logged communications remotely, thus giving you absolutely no reason to leave your kids susceptible to digital dangers.

Logging Web Browser History
Internet is a marvelous invention, but it has also brought along its fair share of troubles such as pornography, misinformation, and violent content. Moreover, it is a tool capable of causing a great deal of destruction when handed to kids in the absence of adult supervision. They are not mature enough to understand the true nature of the internet or resist the many temptations it flaunts at them. Pornography in particular is among the hardest things for kids to ignore, and since web-connected devices like smartphones offer them the privacy and freedom they desire to sneak into such areas, they sure haven’t been wasting the opportunity to indulge in guilty pleasures.
Mobistealth lets you discourage your kids from sneaking into inappropriate areas and control their surfing sessions by giving you complete insights on their browsing habits. It gives you a fairly good idea about their interests and addictions. If they’ve been visiting porn websites a lot lately, then the chances are they are already addicted to porn. If they have been visiting websites related to guns, extremism, drugs, depression, and self-harm, then you’ll know right away that something is seriously wrong. Discovering what’s going on in your kid’s life and mind, and saving them from dangerous addictions, ideas, and plans sure has never been easier.

Keeping Kids on the Radar
Now you may be wondering if there’s any logical explanation for wanting to keep track of kids’ whereabouts, and why such a thing has been mentioned in a discussion on keeping kids safe online. Unfortunately, there are a lot of digital threats that can easily reach kids in the real world. The biggest example is that of online predators. Upon contacting kids through chat apps or messages first, they convince them to meet in person. That can lead to anything from rape and molestation to kidnapping and blackmailing. This is just one of the many scenarios in which you’ll do well to remain informed of your kid’s location.
Mobistealth’s GPS tracking and SMS tracking option is very much capable of keeping you updated on your kid’s location round the clock. It also lets you reach your kid faster in case of an emergency, or when you’ve got a bad feeling about your kid being in some sort of danger. After all, it’s never wise for a parent to ignore the gut feeling.