By Evan Ackerman

Remember the Nerf Vulcan? Of course you do. It’s the belt-fed, fully automatic chain gun that just happens to fire squishy little Nerf darts instead of something more, uh, significant. And it’s only $40, which means that you can definitely afford one. The only downside is the somewhat lackluster 3 darts per second performance. Not so hot.

Some guys from were unimpressed, and decided to perform a little unauthorized modification. With the addition of a 9.6 volt power source, they managed to bump the rate of fire up to something comparable to an actual M60 machine gun, at 500 (!) darts per minute. They also added an LCD shot counter and gave it a sweet paint job. The cost of the modifications (which are not at all complicated) was about $80, although you’re highly likely to melt the motor and gears of your Vulcan if you do it. Totally worth it, obviously.

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