By David Edney

This is the ultimate remote control. The Monster AVL-300 can do it all. It is a fully programmable home theater remote control with an LCD screen. The remote is software based so you plug it into your computer via USB and just choose your settings. You can also control multiple systems from anywhere in the house and snyc them all so one button can do several things at the same time. It charges in a cradle and the battery life is pretty good from user ratings. The remote also controls the Monster Central Lighting System if you have that installed in your house, so you can just walk around and switch lights and home theater systems on and off to your heart’s content. It even works through walls and has a range of up to 130 feet with use of the included Monster Central OmniLink, which is an RF-to-IR bridge and IR blaster; basically a device that turns your line-of-sight IR remote into a radio frequency, location-less device. We’re not sure what the point of turning your TV on from 130 feet away would be, though perhaps it would be nifty to control your sound systems and such.

Of course, it doesn’t come cheap, at $600.

[ Monster Central Control ] VIA [ Popgadget ]


  1. The blue shot of the remote screen, slightly left of center, is of a Logitech Harmony 880/890. Logitech has been doing this kind of thing for a few years now for much much cheaper. Plus their remotes don’t look like Transformer poop.