Mosquito Net Pants

Did you get bitten by a damn mosquito again? Not only are the bites extremely annoying when they get really itchy, but you’re also putting yourself in harm’s way with every bite you get because mosquitoes carry and transmit various diseases as well. Aside from mosquitoes, there’s a whole host of other bugs out there, just biding their time and looking for a patch of exposed flesh so they can swoop in and take the bite.

You can cover yourself in insect repellent lotions or you can go about it minus the chemicals or pesticides with these Mosquito Net Pants. The pants are made fromĀ fine 1.2-mm netting so it’s comfortable and extremely breathable while denying access to mosquitoes and other pesky insects. These pants are perfect for summer, more so if you live in an area that’s just buzzing with insects all around.

The Mosquito Net Pants are priced at $29.95.

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