By David Ponce

Giving you even more of an opportunity to make yourself look like a complete nitwit, Mossalibra is an interactive dancing game installation created by Yaniv Steiner and Ofer Luft. Here’s how it works. Upon your standing in front of a camera, your silhouette is converted into a pixel character, and projected onto a large screen. Then, loud music is blared from speakers, and you are prodded to dance by inebriated onlookers. Your every move is projected on said large screen, with the intended goal being to reproduce preset dance moves for points. It’s a little like “Dance Dance Revolution”, only drunkerer, stranger and a hell of a lot more humiliating.

The project was initially developed as a game for clubs, which explains why the competitive/gaming aspect is not overly emphasized; it is possible for you to simply dance around “for fun”, without ever getting the dreaded Game Over. The whole setup is really only meant to “promote a care-free experience and thrive on its users? short attention span.”

Of course, all this explaining can never take the place of a video. So come inside for a video demo.

[Mossalibra] VIA [TechEBlog]