Motiwake Alarm Clock (Image courtesy Motiwake)By Andrew Liszewski

If your office or cubicle is covered in those daily affirmation or motivational posters then you’re probably already convinced about the power of positive thinking. But why wait till you get to work to start your mental ‘programming’? The Motiwake alarm clock can get those empowering thoughts going first thing in the morning as it wakes you up. It includes over 240 spoken affirmations that can be played alongside a relaxing piece of music to ensure you get out of bed ready to make the most of your day. It also has a picture frame (the old-school kind) if you need some visual reinforcement too.

The Motiwake is available for about $60 but if you don’t need the full alarm clock you can just buy the assorted affirmations as MP3 files (about $33) or have them delivered via a text message service to your mobile phone (about $25 per personal conflict.)

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