By Luke Anderson

Sometimes when I need to relax I get out a good book and listen to some tunes. (for those wondering, yes, I always have to be multi-tasking) Since I use my earbuds I rarely have any issues getting comfortable with my headphones on. For those that might want to lie down and relax without reading and perhaps forgo the headphones, this mpillow might be an interesting choice.

The mpillow is filled with a translucent plastic gel known as technogel which hopefully makes it rather comfortable. It has a small offshoot with a speaker in it, and it will pick up the wireless signal from your MP3 player and play it out loud. The really interesting part is that it features lighting that will change colors and intensity based on your music.

Unfortunately, this is only a concept for now. I think it would be an interesting product for some people, however, I don’t think the lighting would work out well for people trying to read like me.

VIA [ Yanko Design ]