By David Ponce

In principle ThirdWavePower’s mPowerPad is a solar charged external battery. It holds 2,500mAh which you can use to power your stuff when you’re off the grid. Several products do this already though, so to stand out a little the company’s gone and thrown in a bunch of other seemingly unrelated features. Get this:

It’s also

    An AM/FM radio
    A reading light
    A flashlight

    An ultrasonic insect repellant!

Of course once you get over the gee-whizness of it, it does make some sense. Like if you go camping. You probably would want to leave it in the sun during the day (6h to a full charge) only to be able to use it once you’re back in the tent at night, charging your phone and giving you some reading light while chasing the mosquitoes away, with maybe some music playing in the background. We like to make fun of tings, but hey, this could be useful!

A few things to note. It’s supposed to be rugged, for outdoors use, so there are no buttons; there is an accelerometer and everything is controlled through tilting the entire device. Watch the below video for more. It’s a reported $80 with shipping starting in January.

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