Mr.Suicide Bathtub Plug from Alessi


I don’t take baths. I don’t mean that as in I don’t clean. I just take showers. This product from Alessi could induce me to take a bath or two though, just for kicks.

It’s a universal bathtub plug designed by Massimo Giacon. What makes it special is that little figurine attached to it. It floats around and you’re meant to grab it when you’re done bathing, instead of fumbling around for the plug in your dirty water. It’s called Mr.Suicide for, well, obvious reasons.

Reminiscent of such design sucesses as the ViceVersa knife block, this item goes for $25 at YankoDesign. Story VIA Productdose.


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  3. if the float is buoyant enough it can pull the plug if the bath gets too full – save flooding like when you go to get a beer for the batch, and drink a few before you remember they were for that bath…