MyKey 2300 Lock Uses RFID Chips To Protect Your Home


mykey rfid lockBy David Ponce

With the recent brouhaha over Bumpkeys, and how regular locks are fundamentally flawed, perhaps your paranoia level will reach critical levels, and you’ll go out hunting for alternative ways to keep your trailer lavish mansion from getting burgled. With the MyKey 2300, you can forego keys altogether.

The $300 lock relies on your carrying an RFID chip on your person. When waved in front of the lock, the door opens. If you chose to eschew the RFID chip from further paranoia of having it cloned, then a keypad allows you to enter a secret code.

[MyKey 2300] VIA [Uncrate]


  1. we have a card that we wave in front of a sensor at work. We work with credit card numbers and they don’t want anyone except employees to be in there for security and safety reasons.

    I have gotten used to waving it, it would be cool in a star trek sorta way for your own home and for some reason I have a big problem with keys for some reason, they just don’t like me. Anyway I am glad I could write a bit about these key sensor things to you guys.

  2. hi, I’m a writer for TimeOut tel aviv magazine,
    and we are doing a student issue.
    I wanted to know what kind of gizmos or gadjets do you guys think are cool or nessecary for students (an example: disk-on-key).
    preferbaly those you can get in israel