Date rape drugs are odorless, colourless, and unfortunately increasingly popular. We’ve already reported on some detection methods, ranging from specialized drinkware, to gum-sized devices that you have to dip in your drink, but they all suffer from some serious drawbacks. This product, however, seems just about perfect. It’s a line of nail polishes called Undercover Colour, that change colour if dipped into a drink that contains either GHB, Rohypnol or Xanax. Just pretend to stir the drink with a finger and if you notice any change to your manicure’s hue, don’t drink it! It’s simple, discrete and hopefully effective.

The line is being developed by a team of students from North Carolina State University, and they’ve already raised over $100,000 to bring this to market. It’s not there yet, which means you’ll have to wait some more and rely on other, less elegant solutions until then.

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