Namco Easy Piano (Images courtesy and MCV)
By Andrew Liszewski

I think we’ve all grudgingly accepted that the Wii is a magnet for crappy gaming accessories, but the DS? The little dual-screen handheld that could? It’s almost painful to see the ridiculous types of add-ons game designers have created that essentially negate the DS’s portability. So what’s next you might ask? Well Namco Bandai have a new piano learning title called Easy Piano that comes with an eight note full-octave keyboard peripheral allowing newcomers to play along with various tutorials.

More advanced pianists will be able to play classics from Mozart and Beethoven or more modern fare like Bohemian Rhapsody and Jingle Bells. And there’s also a create mode that will record up to three minutes of a performance so you can show others why that ridiculous keyboard peripheral was actually a good investment.

Easy Piano should be available in “PAL territories” this November for an undisclosed sum.

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