National Multi-Battery Flashlight (Image courtesy National website)

By Andrew Liszewski

At my place, flashlights are at the bottom of the pecking order when it comes to new batteries. It seems reliable PVR remote functionality far outranks being able to see in the event of another east-coast black out.

The Matsushita Electric Industrial Company has come up with a flashlight that can work with 3 different sizes of batteries, whichever you may have available. Called ‘Denchi ga doredemo raito’ which means ‘Light from any type of battery’ it accomodates D, C or AA batteries and when one size wears out or is unavailable just turn the knob to switch to the other type and the flashlight will continue to shine.

The downside of course is that given the largest battery in that photo is a ‘D’ cell, the National BF-104F Flashlight is far from being the smallest torch on the market. However it’s still an innovative solution. It’s currently available on the National website for about $8.00.

[National Multi-Battery Flashlight] VIA [The Red Ferret Journal]


  1. Flashlight is an equal-opportunity battery user…

    When blackouts happen (and they will), it’s enough trouble remembering which drawer you put your flashlight in — you shouldn’t have to worry about if you have the right……

  2. A wind-up handheld flashlight called the Illuninator, I think, works well, too. Got one for my son and winding it for less than a minute builds a charge that lasts for about 1 hr., even if turned off then back on a couple hours later. Can find it online or at Walgreen’s for US$15.

  3. Forgot to mention, the shake-type no battery flashlight sucks; I got one about 4yrs ago. Shake it a bunch and the light still only lasts 2-3 minutes.

  4. Multi-batterij zaklamp…

    Altijd handig zo’n zaklamp denk je misschien, maar de meeste zaklampen zijn dat toch niet heel erg. Als je ze nodig hebt, zijn vaak je batterijen leeg of heb je niet het juiste formaat. Deze National is in dat opzicht……