By Evan Ackerman

Sound Cannon

If the goal of non-lethal weapons is to make you wish you were dead, then Invocon’s non-lethal stand-off weapons system is absolutely appropriate, as anyone who’s ever been on an all-night bender or deep sea fishing in rough weather can attest to. This radio frequency beam emitter can penetrate through walls and effect multiple targets, causing:

(1) Interruption of the mechanical transduction process by which sound and position (relative to gravity) are converted to messages that are processed by the brain. (2) Interruption of the chemical engine which sustains the proper operation of the nerve cells that respond to the mechanical transduction mechanisms referenced in item (1).

Yeah, so basically you fall over puking. Invocon likens it to a Star Trek phaser set on stun, except without the hokey pseudo-laser beam and sound effect. Plus barf.

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