Need A Photography Studio? Bring One With you


By Chris Scott Barr

Being a photographer isn’t easy, especially if you don’t actually have a studio to shoot in. Yes, you can do wonderful things with outdoor shots, and maybe find a place in your house that will work, but those aren’t always the most ideal places. So what if you had a portable studio that you could setup anywhere that you had a large open space? That might come in handy.

That’s the idea behind this IPS (Inflatable Portable Studio). These studios come in two sizes (12x7x10ft, or 20x12x10ft) and can be set up in just three minutes. The enclosure is made from a thin plastic that is guaranteed to block out any external light. The contraption will cost you $330 or $350 if you order it sans fans. If you want those (which you’ll need to inflate it, unless you have a large fan lying around) it will set you back $70 or $150 depending on which size you get. It may be expensive, but it sure beats paying for a studio every month.

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