The world’s deepest swimming pool has been around for quite a few years, since 2004. But we shouldn’t call it just a “swimming” pool: it’s a proper diving pool. We’re posting about it now because we just saw the pictures, and heck, that’s a lot of water!

The pool is located in Brussels, Belgium. Its maximum depth is 34.5 metres (113 ft). It contains 2.5 million liters of non-chlorinated, highly filtered spring water maintained at 30 °C (86 °F) and holds several simulated underwater caves at the 10 metres (33 ft) depth level. There are numerous underwater windows that allow outside visitors to look into the pools at various depths.

While we’re on the topic of simulated environments, do you guys know about Excalibur, the world’s tallest climbing wall? That one’s in the Netherlands, and while the Nemo 33 is in Belgium, it was created by one John Beernaerts, a Dutchman. There’s some kind of link there, we’re just not sure what it is. Whatever the case, a dive at Nemo 33 starts at 22€.

But of course, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll go in person. So hit the jump to look at a bunch more pictures from the comfort of your own home.

[ Nemo 33 Website ] VIA [ LikeCool ]