By Evan Ackerman

The NeoCube may not have any practical purpose, but I want one anyway. Really, really badly. The NeoCube is only incidentally a cube, since it’s made of 216 spherical magnets that you can pull apart and reattach in whatever design you feel like. Looks like you can even make jewelry out of it, and according to the website, it’s also a “dual hemisphere brain stimulator.” Hard to go wrong with that, and it’s hard to go wrong with the price, too: a mere $40.

Another video, after the jump.

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  1. from neocube site:

    *Due to overwhelming demand, your delivery time will be at least 8 weeks perhaps longer*

    Too bad, I was going to order my Dad one for Father’s Day

  2. It’s worth noting that these kinds of magnets are >extremely< hazardous to small children. If more than one of them is swallowed, they stand a very good chance of sticking together through the walls of the intestine, causing all sorts of mayhem and blockage, and probably requiring surgery. I’m the last to be alarmist, but having these anywhere near small children are or may be is really a terrible idea.

  3. These are definitely a GROWN UP toy….never to be used around children under 9. Not even with supervision.

    If you want one though, you should check out…their version has bigger balls, so they're easier to handle. Plus they give you a package to keep them in, and free replacements if your balls break 🙂

    I think they have a comparison on their website.

    I'm a big magnet nut, so between the two, i'd definitely go with the Cyber Cube's version.

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