It’s called PEEK, and stands for Portable Eye Examination Kit. And what it does is bring essential technology to some of the world’s most remote areas where standard, less portable eye examination machines may not reach. Anyone with a smartphone running the PEEK app can go up to a patient, point the phone’s camera in their eye and access any of the following applications:

    Patient record with Geo-tagging
    Visual Acuity
    Visual field testing
    Colour Vision Testing
    Contrast Sensitivity Testing
    Lens imaging for cataract
    Retinal Imaging
    Image grading

The vast majority of blind people live in third world countries, which is unfortunate because 80% of cases that lead to blindness are avoidable and are a result of lack of care. PEEK is currently undergoing testing with 5,000 patients in Kenya, and should be widely available to healthcare practitioners in the near future.

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