There’s something to be said about the above concept, we’re just not sure what. In case the animation doesn’t play or you’re unable to see it, you’re looking at a piece of cardboard with strategically cut holes that allow you to carry a burger, fries and a drink in one hand. Now, some of you are going to ask “what’s wrong with a regular bag?” Or, “how would this work if you try to put it down on a car seat?” We hear you, but hey, any way you slice it, the fact remains that with this method, you retain the use of one hand. Is it better than what we have now? We suppose it depends on your needs, but having more options is generally a good thing and we’d be delighted to see this being used alongside regular bags. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more info than what you see so we can’t tell you if there are any plans to ever put this into circulation. Heck, maybe it already is?

VIA [ Reddit ]


  1. I really find it very creative and interesting. This is pretty good if you try to design a bottom bracket cups to place safely or you can find ways to use the cup so it does not slip out when you put it down the table.

  2. Looks as if to reduce waste as well as being a bright idea. I imagine the cost would be less then conventional bags as well as taking less space to store.