By Luke Anderson

It seems like it would be pretty hard to make a keyboard stand out from the crowd these days. Sure, you could put tiny LCD screens on each individual key, but even that’s been done. However, HP has managed to do something that no other keyboard (that I’ve seen) has done before. They’ve created a key that issues the Ctrl-Alt-Del command. Yes, now you can reap all of the benefits of pressing three keys while exerting only the amount of energy it takes to press a single button.

Aside from the fascinating button and having a slew of additional function buttons, there’s not really much to talk about. The new keyboard comes bundled with a wireless mouse which doesn’t actually look all that exciting. Unless you’re in the market for a new wireless keyboard/mouse set, I probably wouldn’t spend the $80 to upgrade from your basic setup.

[ HP ] VIA [ CrunchGear ]


  1. This has to say something about the system it runs on. When a command meant to be invoked only when something goes wrong becomes so common that it needs it's own dedicated button you know there is something fundamentally wrong no?

  2. exactly what i was going to post. they would have been better off making it a programmable key that could emulate any number of keystrokes Ctrl+Alt+Del included….