A new battle to conquer with MMO strategy humdinger: Throne: Kingdom at War

Plarium are very popular and well known for their massively multiplayer online games. Their games provide the best gaming experience on both a social and a technical level, which allow players around the world to play together through their platform.

Having so many gamers playing Plarium browser games is possible thanks to the massively multiplayer online game (MMOG or MMO) format which is capable of supporting large numbers of players, at the same time and in the same digital world. MMOs usually feature a very big and persistent open world. These games can be found on network-capable platforms, including PC’s, video game console, or smartphones and other mobile devices on the market today.

Plarium’s new game Throne: Kingdom at War
As we can expect from a brand such as Plarium, they have created an exciting experience through its new game, Throne: Kingdom at War. Like all MMOs, Throne: Kingdom at War is set in a fictional medieval world where combatants are laying claim to the throne of the Kingdom of Armania, where the reigning monarch King Gerhard has passed away.

The Gameplay
As with Sparta: War of Empires, players are required to create their own army, build towns, get resources, and go to war as one of those fighting for the right to be king. Players use the avatar of a warlord and city builder and are constantly required to be ready for battle or to defend what they have built. Armies consist of faithful knights, fearless spearmen, cavalry, siege units, scouts, and other medieval style characters that keep the players engaged in both the player-versus-environment (PvE) and player-versus-player (PvP) experience. Sounds familiar? For all the MMO’s lovers this is good news since it is the core of all strategy games.

The layout of the game is based on high-grade graphics and sound and has a pleasant medieval kind of theme, which offers lots of various options that allows the players to get a hold of the game. The layout allows the players to feel thrown back in time.

To begin the game, players need to construct new buildings (barracks, academy and others). For this they need to collect and spend multiple resources, such as food, lumber, iron and stone. These resources are automatically generated by buildings like farms and mines, and the players can upgrade these buildings or train more troops as they play on. The way to get extra resources is by sending troops to capture or attack computer and player-controlled bases on the world map. Players can also spend their resources on “Studies,” or research upgrades that can improve their towns, armies and more.

The game PvP allows players to fight battles with those around the world in order to expand or defend their kingdom in a dynamic and strategic fashion thanks to their own strategy, planning, and abilities. Depending on the player’s personal playing style, one can join an already existing Order or create their own, and carry out wars and battles against the opponents.

It is important for players to also participate in quests and accomplish errands to get more points and resources. For this aim they can register in global tournaments that can help them increase or decrease their combat and wealth, and the right to collect tribute in Silver. There are two options of gameplay to choose from: PvP or PvE gameplay.

Strategy games are not really just about fighting, as much as it is a fun feature of these games, they are mainly about planning and thinking about the next step, this requires strategic instincts in order to win the game.

We can say that Throne: Kingdom at War is a success it provides entertainment and it is free to play online. It is available on the iTunes App Store and Google Play on which the game is rated very high – these stars are a sign that the game is very well received by gamers all around the world.