One For All 6210 & 6211 (Images courtesy Shiny Shiny & One For All)By Andrew Liszewski

It’s impossible to imagine life without the TV remote (if you can even call that living) but there are plenty of times when you don’t necessarily need such a complex device in your hand. One For All, who is well known in the universal remote business, has created the Zapper range for people looking for an extremely simple way to control their TV.

The remote comes in a black or pink finish and only has 7 buttons for controlling power, adjusting the volume and changing the channel. It will work with most TVs and can be setup without the original remote, just in case it mysteriously disappeared years ago. It also uses a single and slightly harder to find AAAA battery, but I imagine one should last a very long time.

The Zapper remotes will be available in the very near future for about $15.

[ One For All Zappers ] VIA [ Shiny Shiny ]