Some of you may remember the extremely popular Ostrich pillow from a year ago. Aside from making you look completely stupid, it did allow you to nap just about anywhere in relative comfort. It was so popular, in fact, that the company made new designs and the one pictured above is the third generation: the Ostrich Pillow Light. Now, instead of being big and ungainly, covering your entire head and hands, the Ostrich Light covers only your eyes and ears. It is consequently much more portable.

The Ostrich Pillow Light is made from soft fabric filled with silicon-coated micro-beads. The addition of an adjustable elastic ring means it can be tailored to suit an individual regardless of their head size.

The smaller design means the Ostrich Pillow Light is travel-friendly and can be carried easily. It can be worn as a scarf, tied to a bag, or packed flat in luggage until it needs to be used, at which point it is worn over the eyes and ears, blocking out light and noise from the world around you.

Napping, when done properly, is one of the most invigorating practices and any tool that helps us to that is fine by us. Better yet, the price on this pillow is more than reasonable at $44.


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