By David Ponce

Golf balls are covered in dimples simply because this gives them an aerodynamic efficiency rivalled by no other surface texture. And now Nike has unveiled a running suit based off the same design: the TurboSpeed, which they claim can shave up to 0.23 seconds off a 100 meter sprint. That is huge. Just think that in the 2008 olympics, Usain Bolt won the race only 0.22 seconds ahead of third place and 0.20 seconds from second. Had either of the two other contestants simply been wearing the TurboSpeed they might have won. Nike’s suit, which is made from 82% recycled polyester fabric, is the result of twelve years (!) and hundreds of hours of testing in wind tunnels.

It doesn’t appear that it’s commercially available, as there’s talk that only the teams sponsored by Nike will have access to the outfit. These are the US, Russia and Germany. Bolt is sponsored by Puma. Walter Dix (third in ’08) on the other hand is a member of the US team and will be wearing it London. Will it be enough for him to overtake the champion?

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