Nintendo Announces A Wireless Router

Nintendo Wireless Router (Images courtesy Famitsu)

Nintendo Wireless Router (Images courtesy Famitsu)
By Andrew Liszewski

I guess if you’re tired of your black and blue Linksys router not matching the glossy white finish on your Nintendo Wii, you might be interested in this wireless router that was recently announced by the house of Mario. But other than that, and maybe the ~$50 price tag, I can’t see why anyone would choose this over a more robust offering from a company like Linksys. On the other hand, I guess there are plenty of Wii owners who don’t necessarily have a mountain of home theater and computer equipment all networked together, and are just looking for a simple solution to getting their consoles online. The router will be available in Japan as of September 18th and while there’s no word of a wider release at this time, I’m sure it will eventually be made available worldwide.

[ Nintendo Wi-Fi Network Adapter ] VIA [ Famitsu ]