Nix Color Sensor is a Real-Life Color Eyedropper Tool


Nix Color Identifier

Have you ever wished for a real-life color eyedropper tool so you can copy and save colors as you see them? Wish no more because Matthew Sheridan has granted it with the development of the Nix Color Sensor. It’s a smartphone accessory that lets you scan the object with the desired color and view it instantly on your phone right after.

Nix is compact and handy, so you can easily take it with you, since it’s meant to be used when you’re on the go and all. It’s infinitely better than trying to capture colors using your camera, because the latter doesn’t really produce the most accurate results.

After scanning the object, you’ll be able to keep palettes of the colors you’ve saved, match them to actual pigments, and even get directions to stores that carry the color. Nix will obviously be a big hit with designers, artists, photographers, and painters, but I’m sure a whole range of other people will find a use for this neat little gizmo.

Nix is currently up for funding on Kickstarter, where a minimum pledge of $99 CAD will get you one of your very own.

[ Nix on Kickstarter ] VIA [ TechCrunch ]


  1. IF accurate, that would be a great way to get replacement paint to match a wall when u don’t want to damage the wall to remove a piece of it to take in to the store for color matching. Only issue is the price for someone not doing this sort of thing for a living…