Nixon’s New Gunship Finish Is Designed To Show Wear Over Time

Nixon Gunship Collection (Image courtesy Nixon)

Nixon Gunship Collection (Image courtesy Nixon)
By Andrew Liszewski

Those of you obsessed with keeping your gear looking as good as it did the day it came out of the box might want to move along. Nixon’s developed a new matte paint finish for several of its watches included in their Gunship Collection that’s designed to wear away with use over time, making them almost look like battleships that have been to war and back. Perfect for those who wear their battle scars with pride, terrible for those who obsess and lose sleep over the tiniest of scratches. The watches range in price from $190 up to $500 for the model pictured above, and are available now.

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  1. I never have understood why people will pay extra for something that already looks worn out and old. If I want to buy a watch that will look like garbage, I'll go buy another one of those $5 watches from Wal Mart. The last one I had was covered in rust (part of the metal band even appeared to be melting) within a few months.

  2. Tell you what. I'll spray some gray paint on a wrist watch and sell it to you for half the price of this! What a bargain! I guarantee that the paint on my watch will also chip and look like ass after just a short amount of time! Act fast! Supplies are limited by the amount of gray paint I can buy from Home Depot!