By Luke Anderson

I really think that it must be fun to be a concept designer. You get to spend your days coming up with products that look really cool, but could either never be physically created, or would serve no real purpose if it was. Take this No-key Keyboard for example.

This keyboard looks totally awesome. It’s made from glass with keys etched into it and uses a motion capture camera mounted on the top to track your keystrokes. Unfortunately since it’s a completely flat surface with no tactile feedback, no one would be able to type on it. At least is looks cool.

VIA [ Yanko Design ]


  1. So much for typing blind. Although I do think that in the future regular keyboards will definitely have made room for stuff like this, a touch screen panel which can bring up a typing interface when needed but most of the things controlled through voice recognition and brain waves.

    All that using of our hands to control the keyboard and mice after all are way too many calories being burned ;).

  2. How about like… you know. HOME-ROW. If the keyboard always ASSUMES you put your fingers on home-row (“asdf – jkl;”). Then you could logically Type ANYWHERE, even in mid-air. After a few milliseconds of idle it revert you back to home row. Any finger not “pressing a key” would be returned to home-row. very simple and intuitive idea to think about. If this motion capture could work, oh how the windows would open, don’t forget the bug spray.