Horizontal Toaster0

Unlike traditional toasters, the Arzum Firrin, picture above, doesn’t let you gain access to the bread by pulling an oven-type door vertically. Instead, you’re supposed to slide a tray out horizontally so you can get to your slice of toast–which has been toasted to perfection in a vertical position.

For years, people have been battling gravity as they stick a fork into their ovens to keep the door open or to fish something out from the bottom, only to get burnt or worse, get electrocuted. The Arzum Firrin eliminates both problems, but with a compromise: you can only toast one slice at a time.

Horizontal Toaster1

But if you want to stay alive and have less shocking moments, then it should be a compromise that’s worth making. The Arzum Firrin retails for 129,00 TL (or about $72).

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